Highlights of Oslob, Cebu


Cebu was one of the first stops I made in the Philippines. I opted to stay in Oslob as most of the activities I planned were in that area. So I caught a flight from Manila to Cebu for $37 (via AirAsia) and took the 3 hour journey via bus to Oslob. Note: the buses are not at the airport. You need to take a taxi from the Cebu airport (about 30 minutes) to South Terminal Bus Station. A Taxi will run about 400 PHP and the bus is 150 PHP (I recommend the Ceres bus with air conditioning and wi-fi). Be sure to take the bus heading to Oslob.

I enjoyed my time in Cebu from the activities I did and the relaxation I managed to squeeze in an capture a gorgeous sunrise along beautiful calm waters. Check out some of the things I did in Cebu.

Whale Shark Swimming: This is a big activity for tourists visiting the Philippines. I was looking forward to this one for months. To do this activity it’s important you arrive at the Sanctuary early (by 6am) to catch the first feeding of the whale sharks and to avoid the large crowds. To no surprise, they are HUGE. They are easily the size of 2 cars combined but they are harmless and beautiful creatures. Whale shark swimming costs 1,000 PHP. 

Sumilon Island: If you’re into snorkeling, this is a nice place to stop and see some beautiful underwater life. Sumilon island is a quick ride from the whale shark sanctuary (15- 20 minutes) so I opted to go here right after swimming with the whale sharks. By this time it's around 8am (There is a 50 PHP entrance fee) so there is still some tourists but not many. My tour was private so I spent more money being on a private boat.

Kawasan Falls: Another very popular photographed spot in all of the Philippines.  I was looking forward to seeing this beautiful waterfall from several photos. I was a bit drained from swimming all morning so i rested for a few hours before heading back out. It took about an hour and half to get here from my apartment in Oslob by taxi (You can also catch a bus here too). It’s a bit of a walk from the entrance to actually get to the waterfall (about 20 minutes) but you’ll catch some very scenic views on the way there is a small entrance fee to the water fall (about 20 PHP). Be prepared as you will see many tourists trying to get the same shot at the waterfall. I arrived later in the day around 3pm so the crowd was beginning to die down. You can purchase finger foods and drinks here as well.  

Villa On A Cliff: I found this amazing villa when searching for a place to stay on Airbnb. I haven’t written many reviews for anywhere I’ve stayed but I must say this place was worth every dollar. The view was absolutely beautiful with an infinity pool that no photo can do justice. and the staff was great at making sure I was okay. As a woman traveling alone, I never once felt unsafe and they treated me like family the entire time. I highly recommend you stay here if you’re ever in Cebu. Check out the listing here

My experience in Cebu was nothing short of amazing. Aside from being a 180 degree change from NYC, it had the most beautiful view of any horizon I've seen. This experience really helped me get over my fear of swimming in open water. Previously I was only comfortable swimming in pools or on the beach where the water is shallow. Although I'm not 100% comfortable in open water just yet, this experience definitely improved my progress. I hope you enjoyed this blog and stay tuned until my next adventure. 


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