Hotel Experiences: Meadowood Napa Valley


If you’ve been following my travels by now, you’ll see that all of my trips and blogs are international. International travel has always been my first preference as opposed to domestic travel. My main reason is because so many countries are much richer in history and culture as opposed to the United States which is a mixture of different cultures. I also prefer types of landscaping that I didn’t think I could find here in the states. My recent experience to Meadowood Napa Valley definitely changed my perspective on this way of thinking and on domestic travel as a whole.

Meadowood is a triple 5 star rated hotel in Forbes Travel Guide. Only 13 hotels in the world have this prestigious honor so when I was given the opportunity to collaborate with such an amazing hotel I was ecstatic. Napa Valley is iconically known for its wine vineyards, nature surroundings and laid back area. It was my first time visiting Napa as well as my first time in the state of California.

The Room: I was granted the tree line suite at Meadowood and it was the perfect space for a getaway. A one bedroom contemporary suite with a pullout couch, huge bathroom and fireplace. I loved the amount of  privacy this suite offered as well as its “home” like feeling with the fireplace, sofa and television. Another plus was the warm welcome from the staff with sparkling wine and a refreshing fruit and cheese assortment.


The Food:

I was blown away by the large portions of food provided. The breakfast spread was practically enough to feed a team of people that myself and my friend could barely finish half of it. The quality of the food was unmatched. Lunch and dinner also followed suit with its quality. I loved how room service brings your food in picnic baskets to keep the nature theme as opposed to typical food trays/carts.

Meadowood Breakfast

After ordering room service, be sure to grab lunch at the hotel restaurant. There is a bistro style restaurant called “The Grill” and also a fine dining restaurant. Due to scheduling, I was only able to eat at The Grill and it did not disappoint. With stellar service, large portions, great food, a television, and beautiful grass plains in my POV, I could have stayed here all day.

The Grounds:

Meadowood is an extremely large estate and it’s practically impossible to cover it all in one weekend. But picture a nature like oasis with tall trees, countless walking trails and serenity all around.  To be awaken by birds chirping as opposed to an alarm clock or a fire truck is definitely something I can appreciate. The weather was perfect to take a brisk walk along the ground. Or feel free to have one of the drivers take you from your room to anywhere you need. I must say I only believed that grounds like these only existed in international destinations.


The Spa:

One of the first things I look at when searching for a hotel is their spa. Even if I don’t get a treatment, it’s important that I have a place for me to completely zone out and only focus on me. Visiting a spa can definitely help clear your mind in a different way than staying in your room. The spa at Meadowood is the best spa I’ve ever visited in all of my travels. I received the 90 minute spa experience by a professional masseuse. I loved the concept of the rocks where you write a word of your choice that you want to get out of your experience. (Insert which word you chose and why). The word I chose was “tranquility”. I chose this one because this experience really taught me to be still at and enjoy the things around me that I get so caught up in taking for granted. I left the spa feeling like a completely different person. I felt so centered that I ended up canceling my afternoon plans and simply relaxed in my suite for the remainder of the day.

Between the top of the line customer service, the beautiful decor, amazing food that makes you not want to leave the estate, and the overall peace and quiet that the estate has to offer, Meadowood Napa Valley has definitely earned their Triple Five Star rating and then some. I was welcomed as a guest of Meadowood Napa Valley but all words, opinions and photography are my own.


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