Hotel Experiences: Fortune Select Metropolitan Jaipur, India

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Up until now, all of the hotel experiences I’ve written have been about boutique hotels. For my solo trip to India I decided to switch it up and choose a larger and bit more luxurious place (still affordable in my opinion) to stay since I would be spending a little more time in Jaipur. My experience at Fortune Select Metropolitan was nothing short of outstanding. From the hospitality of the staff, to the great food, and the large sized rooms, there was nothing about this place I didn’t love.


Fortune Select is centrally located in Jaipur. Just minutes away from the old city and it’s popular sites, getting around from here was seamless. The front entrance is on a busy street so hailing a taxi or a tuk tuk (a small 3 wheeled vehicle) was almost instant. Not to mention Uber is available in Jaipur as well. The hotel is also directly connected to a mall that you can reach from the dining restaurant without having to go outside.


For a solo traveler, this room had more than enough space. A king size bed, a rather large bathroom with 2 showers and bathtub.  A nice sized television, 2 couches and an adequate amount of closet space. In the past I always felt like I ran out of room wherever I stayed but not this time. The size and comfort here made it very easy to relax and unwind after touring the busy Pink City.


This was one of the first hotels I stayed in that had a gym. That’s a huge plus for me as I almost never workout when I’m traveling. Every morning I always made sure I went to the gym to get 30 minutes of exercise just before starting my day. I also was able to get some time in the spa which was a real treat. I got a 60 minute full body massage followed by a steam room treatment (the massages cost around $35 USD). This was definitely a highlight of my stay.

In my mind, a hotel isn’t complete without a pool. This gorgeous rooftop pool over looking Jaipur was exactly what I needed to escape the heat. It has its own restaurant next to it as well. Catching the sunrise here every morning was also a treat.


If you follow my blog you’ll know that food is crucial in deciding if I enjoyed my trip. Indian food is one of my favorite cuisines so I had pretty high expectations. I absolutely loved the traditional Indian food served here. For breakfast, lunch, dinner and desert I had no complaints and definitely went back for seconds (and even thirds but who’s judging ?).

Now for some travelers, eating the traditional food of a country might get boring after a few days. For these kind of people, there is a versatile menu of non Indian dishes. You can also find Chinese and Italian options. As someone who’s been to both of those countries I must say, the chefs did a great job with the vegetable dumplings and the pasta. I usually go outside to eat most times when I travel. This was the first time I ate majority of my meals in my hotel.

The hotel has a restaurant and lounge area. During the evening and for breakfast I enjoyed Masala Chai tea which became a huge favorite, with dessert in the indoor rooftop restaurant providing street views of Jaipur.



I’ve never had any issues regarding hotel staff while traveling. But after staying here, I can say my standards have been raised. The hotel has such a helpful staff. The security, front desk, and the waiters/waitresses, everyone treated me like I was one of their own. I cannot thank this hotel staff enough for not only making me feel at home, but making me feel appreciated.

If you plan to visit Jaipur, I highly recommend a stay at Fortune Select Metropolitan. It’s the perfect cross of a large luxurious space that is still on the budget friendly side. Additionally with an amazing staff who’s willing to go the extra mile to ensure their guests are happy.

I was welcomed as a guest at Fortune Select Metropolitan but all opinions, words and photography are my own.


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